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If you're not Matisse better not paint


In a poem from the beginning of the 80's, the actress and musician Nico writes: "You are the extension of my eye". My first meeting with Ewa and her photographs was through a portrait of Nico. This picture was the introduction to my voyage into the magical world of Ewa. A journey that has widened my eye and deepened my ability to perceive beauty.

Ewa is an exceptionally talented photographer. Her pictures are always beautiful and I am constantly fascinated by their timeless and mystical qualities. The stillness, poetry melancoly and the light, often a golden warm evening light. She has created a completely unique world that makes her pictures always recognisable. Contemplating one of Ewa's images is like being transported defenceless to a strange world of beauty.

In due time I have come to know personally the person behind the pictures. Ewa's own life is as remarkable as her photo art. She has enlarged and elevated her own life into art. Several summers I have visited "The Water Castle", her house in the north of Sweden. A shimmering fairy fortress placed on an island in the middle of a strident river. In Ewa's hands the old mansion from the end of 18th century became a work of art, an adventure, an unreal dream.

Her whole life is filled with meetings and happenings. Fantastic people and situations that most of us would never even have the oppotunety or the courage to face. In the world of Ewa, there are no limits, anything can happen. For example, since the beginning of the 50's she was a close friend of Nico's.

It feels logical that Nico, the underground queen of rock mythology, was part of Ewa's life, the major part of which she has been living abroad. It is in cities like New York, Rome and Paris that she has felt most at home. There she has been able to develop her creativity, meet kinsmen and get full appreciation for her work.

Her will and restless energy are the two things I most admire about Ewa. Never resting but constantly be on the spur of new projects. I don't know how many times, she has filled me with strength just by her conversation. It is impossible not to be drawn into her powerfield.

Ewa also has a rebellious side to her that is very atractive. She never lets herself be adjusted or ruled, regardless of circles she moves in. She always follows an inner conviction and vision that she combines with great humility. Ewa is an exquisite human being. I don't think anyone can resist her charm and radiance.

At last we can enter into her world.

Dag Jonasson

Chief librarian at the Swedish National Library

Translation: Geoff Sebag-Montefiore
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